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Promotional Material

The section on Promotional material gathers materials intended to promote the Erasmus+ Programme. 

Publications are meant for those interested in the Erasmus+ Programme and in other European initiatives.



Erasmus+ flyer (Information and results)


School Education flyer


Vocational Education and Training flyer


VET Charter brochure

VET Charter flyer

Higher Education flyer

Higher Education flyer (cooperation with partner countries)

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Logos and Visual Identities

The Erasmus+ Education and Training National Agency has created a handbook of norms for the correct usage of logos in their diverse available forms and respective applications for all partners and beneficiaries.  
The Visual Identity Handbook sets out basic norms for utilisation in the most common situations. For situations that are not defined here, contact the Communications and Image unit using the e-mail

Erasmus+ Visual Communication



Handbook of Visual Identity Norms | NA


Erasmus+ Programme logos and visual identity


Norms related to logos and text to include in publications financed by the European Commission


Guide on how to use EU logos


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