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Inter-institutional Agreement Manager

Dear Dashboard users and dear colleagues,

We are getting in touch with you today to share some good news! We are pleased to inform you that the Inter-Institutional Agreement Manager, which is freely available in the Erasmus Dashboard, is now fully connected with the EWP Network, as per the timeline announced in the webinar held by the European Commission on March 5th.

In order to be able to use the EWP Network, each university needs to manually activate this functionality. The process takes around 20 seconds and you can find a video tutorial here. More information is available in the Erasmus Without Paper Competence Centre.

In case you have a Dashboard account but are planning to use EWP via your in-house system or a third-party provider, we do not recommend that you carry out such an activation. Each university can only be active in EWP through one of these systems, to ensure the integrity of the data exchanges. In case of doubt consider contacting your IT team or service provider.

Talking of service providers, over the last few weeks we have received emails from many of you with various enquiries, and we regret that some commercial providers seem to have misled their clients with regards to the readiness of their own systems. At present, the Erasmus Dashboard is the only instance that can exchange and approve Inter-Institutional Agreements according to the EWP standards. We are sure many more will follow soon, of course.

We would also take this opportunity to let you know that work continues on a new version of the OLA, which will also be fully compatible with the EWP Network. If the availability of the IT teams that are involved in this will not be further constrained by the Covid-19 crisis, we should be able to share a sneak peek into this new component/module in the next 1-2 months.

It is worth noting that, similarly to what was remarked above, no commercial provider has yet deployed the functionality of exchanging and approving learning agreements over the EWP network, regardless of what their promotional materials may claim. You can verify EWP users and which APIs they have activated here.

Lastly, we are also delighted to share another fantastic milestone with all of you: as of this week, there are 2000 ECHE holders with access to the Erasmus Dashboard – so thank you all for your interest and support to the digitisation of Erasmus!

Kind greetings,

EWP Dashboard team

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