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Mobility in the United Kingdom | Visa requirements

Please read this guidance very carefully and contact your sending organisation or National Agency if you have any queries. DO NOT assume that you do not need a Visa. Visa requirements to work or study in the UK are very different now that the UK has left the EU. DO NOT travel without reading this guidance carefully, because if you need a visa and do not have one, then you may be denied travel at your departure, or denied entry to the UK on your arrival.

Please remember that the British Council and Ecorys UK, in their capacity of UK National Agency, manage T5 Government Authorised Exchange Certificates for the Erasmus+ Programme and the European Solidarity Corps programmes only. They do not manage the Visa process.

The information below is accurate as of today and may change. Beneficiaries are strongly advised to check to keep up to date with all changes relating to the Certificate process and to keep up to date with all changes relating to the Visa process.


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