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Management Instruments

The National Agency for Erasmus+ ET uses a variety of framework instruments both for activities already developed and for those being developed in keeping with available resources and documents for monitoring and performance evaluation; a variety of indicators for effectiveness, efficiency and quality are taken into account in keeping with annual and multi-annual objectives and their respective annual achievement goals.

Overview of Evaluation and Accountability (OEA/QUAR)

Strategic Objectives


To increase the scope and impact of the Erasmus+ Education and Training programme in Portugal.


To increase efficiency in the use of allocated agreement resources and those of the National Agency for Erasmus+ Education and Training (NA E+ET/ANE+EF).


To guarantee quality in the execution of the programme and in the Agency’s performance.



QUAR 2019 - Resultados



QUAR 2019 - Metas



QUAR 2017 - Resultados



QUAR 2016 - Resultados



QUAR 2015 - Resultados


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