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Jacques Delors Information Centre (JDIC)

It performs tasks delegated by the European Commission, managing actions on relevant EU themes included within an annual Communication Plan. It plays the role of intermediary in the partnership established between the Portuguese Government and the European Commission.  It launches competitions, evaluates applications, monitors the physical and financial execution of third-party activities and supports their dissemination. Learn more >


European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education. Learn more >


The Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe connects users in Europe, allowing them to participate in discussions and in the exchange of good practices; users can also access the calendar of European and national events, partner research features and a resource library. 
EPALE is a multi-lingual community available free of charge for teachers, trainers, researchers, academics, decision makers and all those who play a professional role in the area of adult education in Europe, which involves more than 11 thousand professionals. This community was promoted by the National Support Service in Portugal under the auspices of ANQEP, with the support of various Portuguese entities, either way related to adult education, namely the NA, in the production of the following videos, which are available here. 
Download and use them for the dissemination of Adult Education, through the EPALE platform!

Download and use them for the dissemination of Adult Education, through the
EPALE platform!

Enroll yourself and become a member of the largest community of Adult Education in Europe!


Education and training institutions may find partners for their mobility projects through the erasmobility plataform. This platform was especially created for institutions in this sector which are interested in direct collaboration partnerships, without the involvement of intermediaries.
The platform is the result of a KA2 project – Strategic Partnerships – in the area of VET and aims to address three central aspects in the development, application and execution of mobility projects:
-Collaboration among partners: to find companies, institutions and accommodation
-Sustainability and impact:  to promote work in joint, high-quality activities among partner institutions
-Financial freedom: to save costs that arise from hiring intermediaries.

Further information in the brochure.


Teachers and schools that participate in the eTwinning portal (the electronic twinning of schools) receive support from their respective National Support Services during the registration process in finding partners and in project activities; these services promote action and award prizes and labels of quality; they also organize professional development activities for teachers. Learn more >

eTwinning flyer >

Study & Research Abroad

Study & Research Abroad is a guide for academic and scientific mobility designed for those who are planning an international mobility experience in the areas of science, technology and higher education. It supports international mobility for students and researchers, along with teaching and non-teaching staff, by providing information, recommendations and support from existing services. Study & Research Abroad accompanies Study & Research in Portugal, a platform of internationalization of higher education science and technology; it is addressed to students, researchers, companies and science and technology institutions. Learn more >

School Education Gateway

Translated into 23 European languages, School Education Gateway is a unique point of entry for teachers, school administrators, policy-makers, experts and other professionals in the area of school education. 
Besides providing free resources, it allows content search by topic and explores a different theme each month. It includes a database of potential partners, a catalogue of courses and mobility opportunities for teaching and job shadowing missions. Another resource is the Teacher Academy, which allows teachers to discover a wide variety of free, online training opportunities and an array of classroom teaching materials. 
Learn more >

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